War1man and Mimi on our find #3600

War1man and Mimi on our find #3600

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holy Crap! It has been since May???

I know I have been slightly lazy about keeping up with this blog, so I will post a new blog soon. Mimi and I are headed out tomorrow to find some caches, so hopefully there will be a few worth mentioning.

We spent a day a few weeks back with Parkhoppers, Sharon and Keith, and we went to Plant City to find an Untouchables cache that had no finders, with 34 DNFs. It was a fun time. I found the Untouchable 2 cache about a half hour after we all started looking. I replaced the cache and took a picture of the cache. Can you spot it?

The Untouchable series of caches are all in Plant City with difficulty rating of 5. Mimi and I are the only geocachers who have found all 5! This will not last long, but for now we are proud of ourselves. We love the evil hides, and the harder or more challenging, the better. We also looked for another hard one down in Brandon, but we could not come up with it. We will get back there when we go to Brandon to cache.

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